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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. How long from ordering does it take for my portrait to arrive?

A. We update our order fulfillment time (in the header of our website) daily based on our current workload. For more information, please click here.


Q. Not enough time… can I rush my order?
A. It may be possible for us to prioritize certain orders. For rush inquiries, please call Andrew at 720-607-2175.


Q. Where are you located?

A. We don't have a physical store presence. To keep costs low, all of our artists work from a home-based studio and we sell through our website.


Q. Where can I see more of the work from the Bespoke Gifts’ artists?

A. You can find tons of samples of our work on our Instagram.


Q. We'd like to purchase a portrait but we want something significantly larger (30" x 40"), can you do this?

A. We're happy to take custom orders. Please contact Andrew at 720-607-2175 to discuss your specific project.


Q. What all is included in the price?

A. Our portraits all include gift wrapping, delivery, a personalized certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Our Pen & Ink and Watercolor portraits also include matting and framing.


Q. What types of mats/frames do you have?

A. Please click here to view our framing options.


Q. What does "Bespoke" mean?

A. From the dictionary: bespoke (bē spok’) primarily British; adj.

  1. made to order and created without the use of a pre-existing pattern; the opposite of mass-produced or ready-made goods;
  2. custom made to the buyer’s exact specification.