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3 Criteria to the Perfect Closing Gift

A closing gift can be just that, a gift, such as a bottle of wine or maybe a gift card. But, the most successful real estate agents in the country realize that a closing gift is also an opportunity, and they seize it. It’s their last chance to make a lasting impression with a buyer.

I’ve heard some agents say that they don’t give closing gifts at all – their service is a gift unto itself. In a strictly transactional sense, that may be true but anyone who excels at selling knows this mindset leads to missed opportunities.

The More You Give The More You Get

To give a truly perfect closing gift, it’s important to ensure that it meets the following three criteria:

#1. Express Gratitude

The first is that it needs to express gratitude. Gratitude is the most basic function of the closing gift. In the Denver metro market where I live, there are roughly 29,000 actively licensed real estate agents. If a buyer or seller chooses you, when there are tens of thousands of other options available to them, it’s important to recognize that they chose you over the others and say, “thank you!” in the form of a sincere gift. It lets your clients know that you appreciate their loyalty to you.

#2. Evoke Emotion

The next thing to consider when purchasing a closing gift for a client is whether or not it evokes a genuine emotional reaction. The most recent research into emotion and its impact on memory suggest that we remember emotionally charged events far longer than we do ‘boring’ ones. Giving a closing gift at the culmination of weeks of hard work and the roller coaster of the buying or selling process, when they’re finally at the closing table, is the perfect opportunity to evoke that emotion and help them remember this moment – and you – for the rest of their lives.

#3. Subliminal Branding

The final thing to look for in a closing gift is that it be a subliminal marketing piece. Emphasis on the word “subliminal”. I’ve seen agents bring in gift baskets filled with every possible tchotchke under the sun, all branded with their logo: plastic water bottles, key chains, coffee mugs, lanyards, pens, notebooks, and the ubiquitous and inexplicable frisbee. You name it and if you can slap a logo on it, they’ve got it.

If anything, this bombardment of your logo cheapens your brand more than anything. If your gift requires your logo be blazoned on it for them to remember you, chances are it isn’t a gift worth giving.

How to Measure Closing Gifts

Let’s measure some of the most common closing gifts against these three criteria.

A bottle of wine? It expresses gratitude but it utterly fails on evoking an emotional reaction. And as a marketing piece, once it's drunk, they’ll never think of it again.

A branded knife or cutting board may be a more subliminal marketing piece that expresses gratitude but who’s getting emotional over a knife? A year or two later, they may look at the logo on their kitchen tool from time to time, but it won’t transport them back to that happy moment at the closing table.

So, what closing gift does check all three boxes?

Bespoke Gifts’ house portraits.

These handmade, custom pieces of art express gratitude in a genuine way: you cared enough to commission a portrait for them.

It evokes an emotional reaction in a way a gift basket never could. Instead of handing them the keys at closing, you’re handing them their house, immortalized forever as a work of art.

And as far as being a subliminal marketing piece… will they ever forget who gave them what is likely the first piece of art hung in their new home? When friends come over and see it hanging in their foyer or living room and ask them who gave it to them, your name will come up. They’ll remember you and your service and all those happy memories at closing.

Bespoke Gifts’ house portraits are the perfect closing gift.

Are you ready to commission your closing gifts? Shop online now!

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