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Personalized House Portraits That Will Be Treasured Forever

At Bespoke Gifts, we create custom portraits of homes that provide you or a loved one with a special heirloom that will be treasured for many years to come. Whether you are looking for a unique housewarming gift or want to capture a long-time family homestead into a painting, these portraits are a perfect option to help the memories of a home last forever. With the three different styles of portrait artwork that we offer, you’ll be able to choose the one that will bring the house to life best and make it feel even more personalized. Check out our gallery to see some of the house portraits our artists have created for previous customers. Contact Bespoke Gifts today for more information about our custom artwork!

Featured Artist:  Monica Gillet

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Monica Gillet - artist at Bespoke Gifts

More About The 3 Styles Of House Portraits We Create

Wood Burned House Portrait

Wood burning is a unique and beautiful style of artwork. The variety of tips that can be used with a pyrography pen leaves you with the ability to create everything from detailed line work to shading that adds a sense of depth to the piece.

Within these house portraits from Bespoke Gifts, specific wood burning techniques allows our artists to recreate your home or the home of someone special in a unique and special way. The rustic look of the burn marks on a slab of wood is completed with the bark that naturally wraps around the piece. Order a wood burned house portrait online today!

Pen and Ink House Portrait

Our artists at Bespoke Gifts use India ink when creating the pen and ink house portraits. This allows them to create very thin and crisp lines to ensure that every detail is visible within the sketch — from the landscape to the siding.

Within these India ink portraits, our artists use sketching techniques that make the house in the portrait pop without leaving out any surrounding detail. One way they accomplish this is by doing simple outline work for the landscape with the contrast of more shading and detail on the exterior of the home. This naturally makes the house the main focal point of the portrait. Order your classic looking pen and ink house portrait today!

Watercolor House Portrait

The use of watercolor in portraits creates a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. A unique mix of colors and techniques creates the perfect shading and depth to really bring the portrait to life. While watercolors may transport you back to grade school, the knowledge and talent it takes to properly watercolor a painted portrait with this much detail is incredible.

Our artists use India ink to sketch the outline of the house and landscape to really bring out details. Then they use watercolors to make the home look alive and really pop with color. The use of different shades of each color chosen adds the perfect amount of depth and reality to these beautiful watercolor house portraits. Order yours today from Bespoke Gifts!